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Liz Henderson

Posted on November 09 2017


Size is not a number.  It is a simply a state of being. Your body is a wonderful temple. It  is your ticket to live on this beautiful planet. Love it, treat it with care, nourish it, but never rule it by numbers.

Swimwear is a tricky item to size. When I used to buy off the rack, I always seemed to be buying two sizes larger than my outer clothing, just to get a comfortable fit. Go figure. It used to bother me, I admit I was peeved by the higher numbers, but then I had my epiphany…does it really matter what the number is on the tag? If I feel fabulous, despite the jiggly bits, the spider veins on my legs, the tummy bump, who is going to care? And who is going to read a tag tucked into my suit? Ladies, it's time to embrace ourselves, love our size whatever it may be and get out in the summer sun in some beautiful and timeless swimwear.

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