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Liz Henderson

Posted on July 26 2018

Many women dread shopping for swimwear. Somehow, those suits that look so cute on the rack or mannequin just don’t look how you want them to when you try them on.

You are not alone! The truth is, certain styles and colours will be more flattering on you than others. Guiding you to the right purchase is the heart of what we do at Journe Australia.

Picking the right swimwear is easy when you know:

  1. What styles suit your body shape
  2. Which colours are most flattering for you

Body shape

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. As a woman you are beautiful just the way you are. Embrace your silhouette! And learn to work with it.

We are a travel-loving company and have been inspired by iconic buildings and landmarks we have seen on our travels. So, we thought we would use them to describe standard body shapes. Who wants to be compared to a piece of fruit when you can be compared to an iconic building?

Here are our five body types.

Dojo (Inverted Triangle)

An inverted triangle body shape means broad shoulders and/or large bust and narrower hips. Bikinis that accentuate the collar bone and neck like halter tops or string bikinis are the most flattering. For example, our Abbey bikini with its eye-catching spaghetti straps.

Dojo Dojo

"A Dojo shaped woman is serene and strong to everyone around, committed to her tranquil practices"

Tower (Rectangle)

If you are more of a tower shape; your shoulders and hips are a similar width and your waist is straight, the best style for you is a one piece that accentuates your waist. If bikinis are your thing, our Catherine suit is a perfect choice.

Tower Tower

"A Tower shaped woman stands tall and confident, serving as a reference point of inspiration for everyone"

Monument (Pear)

If your hips and thighs are curvier than your upper body consider swimwear that accentuates your top and draws the eye upwards. Our Rebecca suit is a perfect option with its plunge neck. So is our Rhian suit with its classic high waist pant.

Monument Monument

"A Monument shaped woman is recognized and admired everywhere for her iconic figure and unique design"

Temple (Hourglass)

Showing off your assets and highlighting your waist is the goal when you have a curvy shape. An hourglass figure looks fantastic in our Rhian top and bottom.

Temple Temple

"A Temple shaped woman is balanced and gracious to everyone in her words and actions"

Amphitheatre (Oval)

If you have an average to large bust, a fuller middle and slender legs and hips, then a structured swimsuit is best. For example, our Grace swimsuit that defines the waist and supports the bust.


"An Amphitheatre shaped woman has vast capacity and love for everyone she holds and gathers"

Selecting swimwear can be a trial and error process. Don't be discouraged, if you get it wrong at first. By sticking to styles that suit your shape and working within your colour palette, you will succeed. Make sure you read our next blog on choosing the right colours for your skin tone. before you order swimwear online, check you can return it if the style or colour doesn’t suit. At Journe, we make ordering online easy. As long as the suit is unworn, the tags are on and the hygiene stickers in place, we will accept returns. In fact, we make it easy for you by including a return satchel in your order.

If you would like to learn more about Journe visit: www.journeaustralia.com

Or follow us at @journeaustralia on Facebook and Instagram

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